Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A father...one day?

A recent post on Facebook (hoax or not) asked people to change their profile picture to their favourite cartoon character. I changed mine to my favourite Disney movie, Dumbo (1941).

From it there is an amazing lullaby, 'Baby Mine' when Dumbo is momentarily reunited with his impounded Mother.

Better Midler sings my personal favourite version of this song and also featured the song in the movie Beaches (1988).

As I sang along to this song when I was much younger, I dreamt of one day singing and recording this song for my own child/ren. I have incredible parents and have watched with a happy heart, my older brother and sister raise between them 5 amazing girls.

Pleasures such as cartoons with their vibrant colour and magical tunes that speak of love profound as that of a parent and child are in the past for me, but I hope that they may be in my future too.

Enjoy the song. (click the picture link)

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