Monday, May 30, 2011

Pecan Summer tickets now ON SALE!

I am so excited to inform you that tickets are now ON SALE for the Melbourne season of Australia’s first Indigenous Opera, PECAN SUMMER presented by Short Black Opera Company.

Again the story of young Alice created by the incomparable Deborah Cheetham will have audiences spellbound mesmerised and yearning for more. Since the World Premier of this Yorta Yorta story on Country last October, as seen in the documentary on ABC Message Stick and broadcast on ABC Classic FM audiences have been demanding it tour the country. This will be your only chance in 2011 to experience this breathtaking Australian Opera.

Deborah has been working tirelessly to remount this production for the Melbourne season and continues to work closely with all of the cast in their operatic/vocal development. This year will include a few new talents that Deborah has discovered in her travels.

For me, this journey is incredible and continues to surpass all of my expectations - weekly. At present, I am working with phenomenal vocal teacher, Raymond Connell who is taking my voice to heights I never dreamed. I am so looking forward to performing at the Playhouse in The Arts Centre, here in Melbourne and showing you all, how far I have come.

You are not going to regret your investment to come to Melbourne in September 28-30 and see this amazing production. Do let me know which night you are attending so that we can catch up after the show. ;)

Thank you for your continued support. Don

Pecan Summer -

Libretto and Score: Deborah Cheetham
Musical Director: Dr David Kram
Stage Direction: Deborah Cheetham
Set Design: Hugh Colman
Lighting Design: Rachel Burke
Costume Design: Alexis George

What's On - Event Details - The Arts Centre - the home of the performing arts in Melbourne

Friday, May 20, 2011

Anita Heiss' Black Book Challenge (BBC)

I was living with my Nana, Brisbane Elder, Aunty Ruth Hegarty as she wrote and was awarded for her first autobiographical manuscript that become her first published book Is that you, Ruthie?
It was Nana's love of reading that really blossomed my own passion as Nana past on many books that she had recently read to me.

I still consider myself an avid reader, regularly reading on the Tram, or whilst walking or just finding a bit of rare spot in the Melbourne sun. So tomorrow at ACMI at Federation Square, I am hoping to sit in with Author, Anita Heiss at the Melbourne and Victorian launch of her latest tale, Paris Dreaming. But this is not about Anita's latest book instead about a recent post by Anita that got me thinking how little Black/Aboriginal Authors I have read.

I had no idea that there are over 5000 published Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia (see Black Words), and as I read Anita's blog of here TOP 100, I was horrified to see how narrow my reading has been til now. Anita's concedes that whilst the list is endless, these are easily some of her ‘must reads’ that she recommend to us.

Check out Anita's post and let me know how many you have read and what your next will be. For me, I am going to read Anita's latest, but have noted a few the next time I am at my local library.